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Starting A Project — Don't Sweat It!

Lone Larch has you covered for any project imaginable. Our bags are the perfect pouches to add to your knitting or crocheting toolkit. Our functionally practical bags serve dual purpose, acting as a knitting bowl when in use, or just flip and zip them up to keep precious projects safe from any prying hands...or paws!

Artisan Bags

All products are strictly handmade. We work with local suppliers to ensure ethically sourced materials and to support our industry.

Custom Orders

Reach out and allow us to create a one of kind project bag personalized to your style. Provide a few minor details and have an artisan bag shipped to your door.

365 Days/Year

Your projects don't have time to wait and neither do we. We are available year round to serve our customers!

Ship Anywhere

Locally made and shipped from British Columbia, Canada. We ship across all borders and seas to ensure our friends abroad can keep their projects rolling!


How it works — Simple as 1, 2, 3, 4

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Click “Buy A Bag”


In the Etsy store select a size for the custom bag you want on the left and proceed to checkout.


In the “Review Order” page copy and paste the step below into the Note To Seller. Edit and create your custom order.


Favorite colors:
Least favorite color:
What the bag is used for: Knitting, Shawls Etc.
Favorite animal or object: Birds, Anchors Etc.
* We will respond via email with an estimated delivery time.

Our customers can't live without us!

Jenni hit it out of the park again. I love her bags. So well put together you can feel the love. Customer profile pictureRosalee
This is such a lovely bag!! I have a few project bags and I can say that my lone larch bags are my favorite of all of them. They’re well made and are so easy to carry around for knitting!! Customer profile pictureStephanie
Simply and beautiful shopping bag. Very well constructed. A pleasure to use. Fast shipping. Excellent seller. Customer profile pictureRose


Jenni The owner
Jenni Pearson

Hello all!

Thank you all for your support for me and my shop, I appreciate the time you have taken to look through. I am an arborist, mother, knitter and spinner that loves creating things of all sorts. My crafty adventures are very much inspired by nature and trees as I spend a lot of my time climbing them or staring up at them in my profession. I am always updating my shop as I finish up new bags so feel free to check back for new stock.

Enjoy the day friends.