Akhal Tekes are magnificent and rare horses originally endemic to the country of Turkmenistan.  Recent DNA research suggests that Akhal Tekes are the earliest domesticated breed of horses.  The Akhal Tekes at Lone Larch are from diverse bloodlines with a special focus on the Ak Sakal line.  We compete with our Akhal Tekes in endurance racing but these unique horses are very athletic and suitable for a variety of equestrian sports, including dressage and three-day eventing.  We offer high quality Akhal Tekes for sale.  You may also consider breeding your mare to our outstanding Akhal Teke stallion.  Peruse our website and discover the Turkmen Purebred!

Lumby, British Columbia, Canada


Maruk's first foal at our farm was born on Wednesday.  It's a gorgeous, refined bay colt with mesmerizing hooded blue eyes as well as excellent bone and conformation.  You may view his pictures under "Foals".  Don't miss the chance to bring this type of refinement in your mare's foal.  Maruk is offered at reduced stud fee for 2012.