She is a harmonious horse with a lean outline, but at the same time extraordinary hardy and a talented jumper.   Such was my impression when I first saw Amerta.  She was friendly and approached me with her neck stretched as if asking to be stroked.  Prior to meeting her, I had had no close contact with Akhal Tekes and only knew them to be an ancient breed of horse with great beauty and a capricious temperament.  I tried to imagine my own proud Akhal Teke racing on the green open spaces of my native land of Costa Rica. 

The Akhal Teke is a popular horse for equestrian sport in Russia.  I knew that the name Akhal Teke referred to the Tekke tribe who bred these horses in the Akhal oasis in Turkmenistan.  I knew that they come in a variety of beautiful colors including bay, black, chestnut, grey and also every possible shade of buckskin, palomino and cremello.  These horses have phenomenal abilities.  They are hardy, good jumpers, fast and beautiful with harmonious lines.  One only has to remember the black stallion Absent, a star of the XVII Olympiads of 1960 in Rome who won the gold medal in dressage with horseman Sergey Filatov.  Four years later, Absent received the bronze medal in Tokyo and in 1968 in Mexico, he was a member of gold medal soviet team under Ivan Kalita.  For these accomplishments, Absent was named world’s best sports horse.

Amerta was born in 1997, a daughter of Akzhol and Mera, and belongs to the Arab line.  In the World Championships of Akhal Teke horses in August which took place at the “Planernaja” horse club, Amerta obtained fifth place in dressage under the program of the Preliminary price and third place in the breed show.  In general, this mare was successful in all eventing competitions in which she took part in 2001 at the Institute of horse breeding in Ryazan. 

I spent more than one year in contact with Amerta, and I can tell that she has an independent character but she very sensitively feels the attitude of people, whether the owner, the trainer or a person passing by.  For kindness directed at her she repays two-fold.  However, ill-intention and indifference she does not forget.  She always knew when I came in the stable and as a token of greeting she extended her neck.  During these moments she received bread, sugar, or carrot.  She always thanked me by softly touching my cheek or hair with her velvety lips.

There is a belief that Akhal Teke horses love only one person.  However, after meeting Amerta, I was convinced that it is inaccurate.  She showed tenderness not only towards me, but also towards her trainers, grooms, veterinarians, and visitors.  During my friendship with this noble creature, I have understood Akhal Tekes much more and realized how much this rare breed needs our care. 

Slowly but surely, this magnificent breed of horses is conquering the world.  It would be especially interesting to see them come to us in Latin America.  It is quite possible that in the near future, Akhal Teke horses will distinguish themselves even more in the equestrian sports

Maks Kamacho Chavarrija,
Veterinarian, Costa Rica
Article published in "Cat and Dog", № 7, 2001.