For Sale

Guldje was born on May 27th 2011.  Her sire is Ak Syrgym and her dam is Pretty-in-Pink (Herbie So Handsome X Check Me Out Mister).  This filly has everything to be someone's dream horse: Elegance, refinement, balance and athleticism along with a solid mind.  She is chestnut rabicano with gold streaks in her coat and gold socks.  Guldje has been handled since birth and she is friendly and eager to learn.  She has a strong foundation in ground work. She is offered at $5000

Yazjemal was born on May 25th 2011, sired by Ak Syrgym and out of Amerta.  Yazjemal in Turkmen means "spring beauty" and he lives up to his name.  He is chestnut rabicano with four even white socks, a beautiful blaze and large expressive eyes.  Naturally athletic with ground covering movements, this young stud colt has great potential for many disciplines including dressage and eventing.  He is offered at $5000

Ak Syrgym is a Gelishikli line  gelding born in 2007, by Patrikhan and out of Almaty.  Completed his first LD in endurance at the Iron Horse in Summerland B.C. in 2012.  Ak Syrgym is a very versatile horse with great enthusiasm for learning new things.  .

Al Kasam was born on June 23rd, 2010, out of Kerkavai (Ak Sakal) and sired by Ak Syrgym (Gelishikli).  He is currently 15 hh.  This young gelding is most definitely an endurance prospect.  With his natural athletic abilities and big, lofty movements, Al Kasam also has a future in dressage and eventing.