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Don’t miss this opportunity to breed your mare to an outstanding Akhal Teke stallion.  For the 2012 breeding season only, Lone Larch Akhal Tekes is offering Maruk at half the regular stud fee ($500 instead of $1000).  Please refer to the breeding contract for complete details.

        At Lone Larch Akhal Tekes, we know first hand the stress associated with entering into a breeding contract.  Too often, mare owners’ expectations are not met.  For this reason, we provide you with a clear and comprehensive breeding contract.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding the contract.  Special Conditions can be added.

          Semen will be shipped on an express overnight carrier (most likely FEDEX) or by counter to counter airline service on the same day of collection.  We will work with you to determine the best carrier and routing for your destination. 

          If you reside in the United States, please note that equine semen from Canadian stallions can be shipped to the US without restrictions. There is no requirement for an import permit or a health certificate.  Please contact Dr. Ellen Buck if you have questions.

Ellen Buck, D.V.M.
Senior Staff Veterinary Medical Officer
Equine Imports
(301) 734-8364
email: ellen.m.buck@aphis.usda.gov

Please Download the 2012 Lone Larch Stallion Breeding Contract if you are interesed, or call 250-547-0153